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Hosting an all Ladies Lunch

A ladylike hosting!

I had been wanting to host this for a while : “A lovely ladies luncheon”. I had envisioned a gathering of several girlfriends to enjoy a wonderful spring lunch just chatting about our favorite lipsticks or our new shoes! Doesn’t get more feminine and exciting than that for us lovely ladies!

I wanted  my friends to be able to enjoy the whole experience from start to finish. I knew I had numerous small undertakings to accomplish that would culminate in the final lovely luncheon! I prepared pretty handwritten cards to send out the invitations. Of course there were miniature diamond stickers (small and sophisticated yet noticeable) to seal my envelopes! The cards had been mailed to 14 recipients of my invitation. Everyone initially showed much enthusiasm to join, however, busy as our lives are several declined. Eventually there were 9 confirmed guests for my luncheon!

I also wanted to have little favors for all my guests who were taking the  trouble to drive over to my house. I wanted to give them something small yet feminine. I bought mason jars, decorated them and filled with little nail polishes and hand lotion.


Several days ahead of the event, I started making a rough plan for what my appetizers would be, the main luncheon menu and what I could serve as dessert. I even researched online for cute but light delectables that could become my appetizers. I wanted to make something light yet very lovely as my dessert! I researched quite a lot and at last decided on vegetarian red velvet cupcakes made with fresh beets. I wanted my health conscious friends to enjoy the light dessert with natural red color from the beet vegetable as opposed to red food color. I finalized the lunch menu knowing that some of my guests also have dietary restrictions. I would need to have several vegetable dishes as one of my friends was vegetarian. I finally went with some roasted peppers, roasted red potatoes, and greek spanakopita. I also made flavored rice and stir-fry chicken.



Finally the lovely day arrived.  I tried my best to ensure it would go as beautifully as planned. I woke up very early and made sure that all my hallways, living room and kitchen counters were neat and tidy. I set the lunch table with fine silverware and decorative china. The favors were labeled with each of the guests’ name  and served as the place holders.


At the very last minute through my online research, I had learned a very quick way to turn my cupcakes into beautiful high heels. My friends absolutely enjoyed the gathering and the little simple ways that I tried to make them all happy!