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Thankful for the Perfect Healthy Bite!!

It is that time again with lots of beauty boxes to lust after during the holiday season. Every time I would pass by some of the bite beauty lipsticks, I would get all heart-eyed. Well there is more to these bite beauty lipsticks besides their beautiful and opaque pigmentation. They are absolutely healthy and as the name suggests can be bitten into –  hence their clever logo with the “B” partially eaten off! I am so thankful for the Perfect Bite red mint box I just purchased!

The box has four deluxe sized amuse bouche lipsticks in fig, pepper, honeycomb and nori shades. I have a picture of each swatch from the box below. They are beautifully rich and opaque when applied over the lips. They are creamy and provide much needed moisture and hydration. Each lip shade belongs to the Bite lipstick permanent range as well. Have I mentioned these lipsticks consist of 12 edible oils? Next time you are eating with your lipstick on, there is no health hazard to be worried of.

This is a great set for exploring Bite lipstick products as there are 4 beautiful shades for the price of just one of their lipsticks! My favorite from this box is the pepper shade – really a lush nude!



What are you humbled and saddened by?

I am humbled by

-all that remains to be learnt

-and that we cannot ever know

-the incomprehensible vastness of space

-the beauty in all of nature’s gifts

-the inevitable passage of our times

-the mortality of our very beings

-and our fleeting existence

-the love we receive that we can never repay

-and the kindness bestowed upon us by others

I am saddened by

-the world’s pain and suffering and injustice

-the unnecessary divides of poverty and oppression

-the potential wasted in our materialistic selfish goals

-the children who will go hungry today and tomorrow

-the pointless battles that we rage against one other

-that leave us too exhausted for the real wars

-against injustice, disease, drugs, poverty

-and the destruction of our planet earth