Monthly Archives: November 2016

What are you humbled and saddened by?

I am humbled by

-all that remains to be learnt

-and that we cannot ever know

-the incomprehensible vastness of space

-the beauty in all of nature’s gifts

-the inevitable passage of our times

-the mortality of our very beings

-and our fleeting existence

-the love we receive that we can never repay

-and the kindness bestowed upon us by others

I am saddened by

-the world’s pain and suffering and injustice

-the unnecessary divides of poverty and oppression

-the potential wasted in our materialistic selfish goals

-the children who will go hungry today and tomorrow

-the pointless battles that we rage against one other

-that leave us too exhausted for the real wars

-against injustice, disease, drugs, poverty

-and the destruction of our planet earth