Ditch and Switch

Most of us are naturally comfort loving and we enjoy the comfort foods, especially when we have stressful days at work. We have regular cravings for our favorite dishes and delicacies. However, most of these dishes are too heavy on calorie intake and due to their richness can have a major impact on the waistline. It is difficult to ignore those hunger cravings, especially when we are pressed for time and energy. It is even more difficult to stop devouring these rich foods when they are close by at hand. Therefore I had always wanted to be able to quickly ditch the comfort food craving and switch over to a healthier alternative option.

Please check out our app “DitchSwitch” from the apple app store (FREE download):


DitchSwitch is a healthy lifestyle app that allow users to improve their eating habits. For all meals throughout a day, the user can ditch common comfort foods and switch to healthier and lighter alternatives. Each healthy alternative suggestion also includes an easy recipe when it is selected.

We have identified some of the more common comfort foods and have organized them into four broad categories to help you tackle your cravings as they change through the day. When you are craving cinnamon buns, “Ditch” and instead “Switch” to a cinnamon honey drizzled toast! And there is many more! We will expand the items and possibly add a search feature in the next version release.

Please share “DitchSwitch” app link with your friends and your networks. It is completely free . There are 30 light and simple recipes to try and encourage healthy lifestyle and living in our community. Thank you for downloading and sharing !

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