How to Age Well Emotionally and Spiritually?

We take constant care of ourselves physically but what about our souls and our spirits? We should also take care of ourselves spiritually. Why is it extremely important to age well spiritually and emotionally? If you haven’t already done so, take a moment now to think about how we want to be remembered as when we leave this earth and what kind of legacy we want to leave behind?

Do we want to be remembered as someone who was always stressed out, selfish, lacked self-control and discipline, was helpless and blamed others constantly or was always angry and ill-tempered? Or do we rather want to be remembered as the hero of our own life’s story? – someone who was helpful and supportive to others in need, kind, generous and big-hearted and who was a significant contributor to their community? Deep in our hearts we almost all wish to be the latter person but do we always practice the daily routine that ensure we will age well spiritually?

What are some of the main emotional obstacles or mental stressors that we potentially face in our lives that cause us to lose our inner peace and control of our minds?

– Abuse in any shape or form
– Recent death or loss
– Legal problems
– Financial problems
– Changes in living situation
– Unstable living situation
– Work or school problems
– Relationship problems with parents, children, spouse, siblings or close friends

There must be infinitely more obstacles and also many other problems that are specific to different individuals but we get the general idea. Humans are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted complex beings and are constantly faced with many challenges of life and living! But how can we adequately defend ourselves against these mental stressors?

This article is a brief walkthrough of some helpful tips for us to meditate so that our true inner spirit can flourish and age with us peacefully and gracefully. #MindValley# experts (#Vishel Lakhiani#) have created amazing videos and concepts on meditation:

They have coined some inspirational and out-of-the-box ideas in describing these meditation concepts – such as ‘Blissipline’ – a feeling of bliss, gratefulness in the present while being disciplined in the journey towards our awesome future! When we take control of our own lives and are accountable in our present actions, when we create the self-discipline to work gradually towards our envisioned future, while being truly grateful and happy in the present moment is the idea captured in ‘Blissipline’! Truly inspirational work from MindValley and a great place for help with meditation and spiritual healing. We should take some time to meditate before we start our day every morning – and connect with our souls and spirit, feel gratitude for what we have now and nurture a vision for our future path.

We take the broad concepts of MindValley and summarize a few important pieces of meditation:

– Gratitude – Being grateful for all of our blessings in life such as family, intelligence, potential and inner strength and realizing the love and support that surrounds us.
– Forgiveness – Letting go of any negative thoughts and truly bringing out our inner peace.
– Daily Purposefulness – Starting each day with purposefulness and with the knowledge that we have the inner strength to make each day and every day amazing. This also incorporates being contented and happy in the present moment.
– Vision for the future – Nurturing a vision for the future and imagining all the amazing things we want to manifest in our future. We can realize that awesome vision by the theory of manifestation.

In addition to starting each day with meditation, we must constantly remind ourselves to relax conscientiously in order to enjoy all the blessings in our lives. When we are stressed out, we fail to notice the bountiful gifts of life even if they are right in front of us. We also perceive the same situation in different ways when we are anxious and when we are relaxed. Pursuing activities or hobbies or nurturing relationships with our loved ones can also help us to relax. We can implement this type of relaxation and self-control with one small step at a time. Eventually we will generate a cycle of positive events – and reap the benefits of the Domino effect – where we perpetuate the feeling of relaxation, peacefulness and inner control.

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