Monthly Archives: March 2017

In Search of a Habit of Activity

Nowadays, with the explosion of advanced technology, there are numerous #fitness apps and #activity #trackers to chose from. Undoubtedly, these work well for all those who are already into fitness and #training. Needless to say, these active individuals are into regular #exercise training and have formed the healthy habit of working out. They are invested into being healthy by training themselves physcically and require little to no extra motivation to get them moving.

My concern is for those who are on the more #inactive end of the spectrum and therefore do not benefit from these fitness apps or activity trackers. The missing link is still the motivation and desire to move – a key factor without which the #sedentary people remain inactively so – we are in crucial need of a habit of activity. For the benefit of the sedentary people, there should be other innovative solutions geared towards motivating or resetting their will to become more physically active over time. Perhaps an innovative and creative way to engage these individuals gradually towards developing an inevitable habitual level of activity is warranted.

Easier said than done of course – what would be some of these innovative methods that would help the inactive person to form a healthy habit of frequent activity? One idea that has been implemented in some fashion is the reward based mechanism. There are some merits in this type of reward mechanism such as providing health coupons to those tracking enough activity points. However, if the rewards are mainly for healthy products, it is still a challenge to attract the not-so-health concerned individual. We may need to explore other novel ways that appeal to the fundamental desire of habitual activity. If you have other ideas please free to share.