How to De-Stress Instead of Distress?

We share helpful tips on how to de-stress when otherwise in distress!

  1. Meditate to relax and spiritually connect with oneself deeply at the very core on a regular basis. Besides meditating, set aside a me-time to do something fun for yourself. It could be anything just for 15 minutes a day that gives you a lot of joy.
  2. Practice light yoga or other physical activity to keep up the energy level and boost metabolism.
  3. Practice taking deep breaths to relax oneself and to deeply connect at the very core on a regular basis.
  4. Watch your white sugar consumption and replace with natural substitutes wherever possible. Sugar is no different than any other addictive substance. Hence it is very important to limit the intake of refined sugar.
  5. Eat more whole foods and limit the intake of processed foods. Whole grains and complex foods go a long way to increase our metabolism, prevent diabetes and contain much more nutritional values than processed foods.
  6. Absorb plentiful sunshine and get some vitamin D. If you live in a place without regular sunny days,  it is recommended to take vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D enhances mental and physical activity and prevents depression.
  7. Schedule only limited blocks of time to be on social media and minimize gadgets and device usage. Enjoy life’s bountiful gifts by being in the moment.
  8. Organize your day, prioritize all your activities by order of importance and de-clutter all your belongings.
  9. Connect with your family, friends and loved ones by appreciating them for their love and support on a regular basis. Feelings of gratitude and being loved uplift our moods and immediately alleviate stress.
  10. Last but not the least, make someone else’s day by doing something special for them and making them smile.

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6 thoughts on “How to De-Stress Instead of Distress?

  1. Everything should work. The only thing is one should go easy on supplements. The current clinical experience shows that no synthetic supplement works as the one from natural source. It is very hard to overdo with minerals, micro-elements and amino acids we consume or receive naturally. The other thing is that more is not better. We need just the right amount of everything, not too much, not too little. Balance is the most important thing. Synthetic vitamin E caused cancer in healthy individuals in long-term trials, and synthetic vitamin D did not improve anything, especially when it was administered in combination with calcium or omega-3. Synthetic fish oils did not improve the heart health at all: most people probably were inspired by the placebo effect as a 6 year long clinical trial in about 12 000 people revealed. Realistically, it is what you are saying: go out there and get some sun on your skin. 15 minutes a day full body exposure should be enough. It’s also proven that not everybody requires the dose that is assumed to be efficient for an average person. Moreover, it is pretty much clear that substances from natural sources have their power due to the combinations they come in.
    It’s a good work you’re doing. There is never too much knowledge.

  2. I liked how you really emphasized meditating! Typically, I feel like it’s one of those things that gets talked about, but it’s sooo underrated! I think I’m going to try meditating again. Also, loved the point about social media. Sometimes we get so consumed and forget how long we are actually scrolling for!!

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