How to Improve Health with Mind Body Connection?

Did you know that our health and well-being are greatly impacted by our mind and body connection? Many civilizations were aware of this connection and treated the mind and body as a whole – the power of the mind and body together being substantially more powerful than the mind and body separately. However, roughly 300 years ago, this powerful concept was lost with the Western civilization. The Western world began to separate the mind and the body as separate entities – treating the body as a machine without any connection to the mind. Although this approach has benefited western medicine, surgery and pharmaceuticals, it diminished the human’s emotional and spiritual aspects and therefore our innate ability to heal our body with the power of our minds.

The mental states of the mind are experienced through the use of physical connections created by the neurons in our brain but the mind is not synonymous with the brain. The mind can have several mental states such as:

1) Thoughts
2) Emotions/Feelings
3) Attitudes about life, people, events
4) Beliefs about life and events
5) Images

Each mental state impacts our physiology and our health directly. A positive mental state impacts physiology positively and therefore health and a negative mental state will have a negative impact. As an example, if we are in an anxious mental state, then we start to produce the stress hormone, cortisol, which can lead to other health issues and complications.

Therefore, we should practice having positive mental states:

1) Practice having positive thoughts
2) Practice having positive emotions/feelings
3) Practice having positive attitudes about life, people, events
4) Practice having positive beliefs about life and events
5) Practice having positive images that we can manifest in our lives.

This re-training of our mind to positively impact our physiology can have powerful results in our ability to heal and greatly improve our health.

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