How Much Is Too Much Turkey?

Sometimes when people make a decision to start eating healthy, they will typically switch from other meats to turkey and often times there is an over-indulgence of turkey. We are not referring to the home cooked turkey that blesses our thanksgiving dinner. This hearty roasted turkey enjoyed with family usually takes a back seat anyway for the rest of the year.

There are many who realize one day that they have not been eating balanced healthy meals. They were most likely consuming large quantities of red meat with few vegetables and often times are faced with weight and health issues. One day finally they are faced with a decision for health reasons to drastically cut down on red meats such as lamb chops, steak etc for their high fat and cholesterol content. Often times the replacement is with the healthier alternatives of turkey meat or turkey flavored ‘meat’.

It turns out that nowadays turkey is being replaced in almost everything – such as turkey hot dogs, turkey breakfast sausages, popular turkey burgers and of course the lunch deli turkey slices. The only major problem with this type of over-indulgence in turkey alternatives is then we end up eating a lot of highly processed food which does not make the meal any more healthier than home cooked meats – for example cooked lean beef, chicken breast, etc. which can be healthy when taken in moderation.

Highly processed meat or meat-like alternatives are not a healthy replacement for wholesome foods, including many varieties of home cooked lean meats which should be given preference. When we eat processed foods, we are taking in a higher sodium and other chemical content which more than negates any calorific benefits from these meat-like alternatives. A little practice in mindful eating probably goes a longer way in maintaining our healthy weight than consuming large quantities of low-calorie but highly processed foods.

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