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What are the Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage? Valentine’s Day Special

Well, is there such a thing as a “Marriage Mindset”?  Research studies on happily married couples show that there might be such a thing that allows some pairs to stay married happily for a long time. Somehow these couples have the mental makeup that allows them to sustain a long lasting and fruitful relationship. Here we share 5 traits of happily married couples.

Love and Long-term Commitment –  They have an attitude of a long-term commitment to each other. This is crucial in helping them to overcome many obstacles together because in their minds giving up on each other is not even an option.

360 Degrees of Faithfulness –  Happily married couples guard their faithfulness to one another. This includes spiritual, emotional and physical faithfulness to each other in full 360 degrees. They do not allow any thoughts or ideas of another to come before their marriage. This honesty at such a deep fundamental level is crucial to a long lasting happy marriage.

Forgiveness, Understanding and Compassion –  We are all humans and to be human is to err. Often times, whether or not intentionally, we may make mistakes. If we have a loving and understanding parter with kindness and compassion, who is capable of forgiveness and growing together, that also leads to a happy and successful bonding with potential to last forver.

Passion –  To live without passion is to live mindlessly. Whether it is passion for one’s work or relationships, passionate people in marriages are also very successful. When you passionately love and care for your partner, the emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy in such a bonding is bound to stand the tests of time.

Communication –  Last but not the least, the most important ingredient in a happy marriage is communication. When two people transcend to oneness and are able to communicate and share openly their deepest feelings, tboughts and fears, that leads to a strong and happy marriage.