All the ways we can aim to be a healthier nation! Aiming Flamingo is here and together we can slowly but surely make healthy choices. Together we are stronger than trying by ourselves!This is a place to share ideas on the wise and healthy lifestyle – to exchange valuable information related to the wisdom of peace, joy, health awareness and innovations and in general all things that are inspirational – to make our lives more healthy and meaningful. Let us make a healthier community one post at a time!

Our expert research team include scientists with doctorate degree in health sciences. We are committed to bringing you scientifically valid information to promote greater awareness on health related topics every week. We are aware of the challenging and every complicated landscape of health issues and problems. Our general advice is to focus on health and wellness to ward off the illnesses. It can start with a simple change of a negative habit to a positive one. On a grander scheme of things, we would like to offer a wholesome approach to health geared towards wellness, nutrition and physical activity. We look forward to your criticisms and feedback.

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