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This is a story based on the life of one of my aunts whom I will refer to as “Meenu”. She embodies the elegance of an inspirational lady both inside and out. I wanted to dedicate this short story about her life. Throughout my life I have been much inspired by her and her actions and I wanted to break them into separate sections.

1. Eloquance of speech – Meenu speaks gracefully and holds herself to the high standards of phonetics and grammar in her spoken native language. Never ever sounding forced and colloquial, she communicates very eloquently regardless of professional, friendly or family gatherings.

2. Elegant deportment – Almost 77 years old, there has never yet been a time that she has held a slouchy posture. Walking and sitting with grace and elegance is a part of her.

3. A well-maintained figure – As with all aspects of her life, needless to say this lady has always maintained a well balanced healthy figure. Paying attention to healthy and moderate eating, she ages with much grace.

4. Beauty without any snobbery – It is true that having a beautiful set of genes is no accomplishment of our own, yet we sometimes become arrogant when we let it get to our heads. Meenu, a much pursued elegant beauty from the era of the 60s has never allowed any of that to make her snobbish . Her beauty shines through from within her soul and makes her outwardly even more so. Quoting famous actress Sophia Loren “Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not anything physical.”


5. Elegant without material obsessions – We strive to possess many fancy clothes and items as we believe that adds to our beauty and coolness. There is one thing admirable about Meenu – it is very difficult to imagine any particular item adding to her elegance because she already embodies it without requiring external validation. Therefore in everything she wears (be it simple or not) she adds her own special touch – they do become special when they are worn by her and not the other way around!

6. Choosing life partner – Meenu was pursued by many suitors as a young elegant beauty! She chose the most honorable of them all, possessing a pure heart of gold. She married her one and only soulmate, a courageous and noble patriot, who had protested against the oppressors of our countrymen during war torn times.

7. Higher education and learning – Meenu is characterized with love for learning and knowledge. Dedicating her life as a college professor, even today she prepares exams for her students.Her dedication to her students and profession is commendable!

8. Community Service – Meenu has dedicated her life to much community work. Always there in sickness and need, she is one of the first persons to run to the side of the needy to genuinely help with all her heart!

9. Life-long friendships – Meenu has treasured her friendships and maintained them throughout her life. Never selfish, she is one of those blessings to her girlfriends!