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How to Have a Flexible Mindset? 3 Methods to Achieve Mental Flexibility

Those of us who are able to exercise a certain degree of mental flexibility are more successful both at work and outside of work. They are able to quickly adapt to life’s many changing situations and overcome challenges and obstacles to improve their life. Being too rigid about one’s habits and routines inevitably leads also to stress, tiredness and poor quality of life whereas switching things up a bit can lead to more fun and enjoyment along the way!

The really wonderful news is that it is relatively easy to gradually train our minds to be more flexible and therefore to live a more fulfilling and stress-free life. Here we share 3 methods with you that can be utilized.

Train yourself to be more flexible – Find occassions to switch up your habits and do your usual tasks a little bit differently. By making small changes in our usual routine, we can create an opportunity to become more flexible. This makes it much easier to quickly adapt when life throws us with unexpected changes.

Gradually give up control in some areas –  Do you feel you have a need to be in control of certain tasks? Evaluate how essential is it for you to be fully in charge of those tasks? Are some of those tasks not as important to you that you can let go and relax about them? By slowly relinquishing control in easier areas of your life, you can learn to be more flexible in bigger and more difficult areas of your life.

Finally, learn from your mistakes –  When things don’t go the way we want, we can research and learn why it happened and how to avoid such consequences in the future. People who tend to make the same mistakes out of habit and due to an inability to change, despite negative outcomes, are likely to be less successful than their flexible counterparts.