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How to Prevent Asthma Attack?

Asthma is a very common medical condition and while it can be debilitating, the good news is that one can learn to make it manageable. Those who suffer from asthma as a chronic disease can master some important habits to minimize accidental exposure to asthma triggers. Asthma triggers can further worsen asthma symptoms such as difficulty in breathing or coughing. Since there is no cure for asthma, it is essential to manage asthma triggers and prevent an attack by taking necessary steps to avoid triggers. Some of the most common asthma triggers are as follows:

  • Air pollutants and Allergens
  • Dry air
  • A cold or flu virus
  • Sinusitis infection
  • Smoke
  • Fragrances

Besides these listed above, there can also be exercise-induced asthma attacks especially if one exercises in cold and dry weather or surroundings. When one suffers from exercise onset asthma, it may be necessary to use asthma inhaler but this should be part of the ongoing asthma treatment and in consultation with one’s physician only.

Air Pollutants and allergens can cause inflammation of the air pathways and thus exacerbate asthma symptoms in a person. It is important to minimize exposure to allergens and air pollutants by making one’s living and work environment free of any potential triggers. One may consider taking allergy shots to prevent an allergy induced attack.By the same token, one should always avoid all kinds of smoke, including tobacco smoke. It is recommended to avoid any public places of smoking and move to a non-smoking area at restaurants and during travels.

Also it is important to avoid catching a cold or any other sinus infection as that can aggravate asthma symptoms. One should avoid coming in contact with anyone or anything that may have been previously contaminated by a person with a cold infection. It is critical to always wash hands thoroughly especially when one has been outside. Also, it is recommended to take flu shots to increase one’s immunity against catching seasonal flu.

Additionally, it is a good habit to maintain a detailed diary of signs and symptoms so that one can learn to identify the potential triggers and thus avoid them. It is important to track and trend possible contributing factors towards worsening asthma symptoms.