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How to Relieve and Avoid Back Pain?

Back pain problems affect millions of people and can be highly debilitating. It is responsible for many hours lost in productivity and suffered in excruciating pain. In this article we share with you many helpful tips to manage and avoid back pain.

1. Better support while sitting and maintaining good posture – When sitting for long hours or just in general, it is important to pay attention to one’s posture and provide enough back support. Also by the same token, we ought to be mindful of sitting long hours in the same position.

2. Walking to strengthen the back muscles –Sitting long hours bring us to the topic of walking more often and walking regularly in order to strengthen the back muscles.

3. Also by the same token, doing some moderate aerobic exercise frequently will release endorphins that helps us to relieve daily stress, anxiety and therefore alleviate back pain.

4. Shed some extra pounds –Exercise can also help one to lose weight. Shedding some weight will help to relieve the extra pressure on the back muscles.

5. Sleeping position – When sleeping, it is crucial to pay attention to one’s posture. A sleeping position should be chosen that does not put extra impact on the back muscles. For example, sleeping on the stomach may not be as good of an option for those prone to back pain.

6. Also by the same token, getting enough sleep and being rested is essential to manage and avoid back pain.

7. Quit Smoking – Smoking can immediately worsen back pain in those who are prone to it. Therefore one of the immediate steps would be to quit smoking to avoid chronic back pain.

8. Hot showers or baths are not only soothing but definitely helps to relieve everyday stress and therefore relax the back muscles.

9. Being mindful about lifting and carrying heavy weights – Heavy objects if lifted inadvertently without caution can put strain on the back muscles. Regularly carrying heavy bags may also put pressure on the spine that can lead to chronic pain.

10. By the same token, women should pay attention to the size of their heels as the point of pressure on the back is directly related to the height of their heels.

11. Doing some meditation regularly also helps to strengthen the mind-body connection and allow any healing processes to continue.