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How to Get Rid of Insomnia? 7 Effective Methods

A good night’s sleep is extremely important although many of us often ignore this critical aspect of our lives. Sometimes we feel confident we can function properly without a full night’s sleep but the truth could not be further from that. We require 7-8 hours of regular sleep in order to function optimally. So how can we achieve that and how to get rid of insomnia? In this article, we share  7 effective methods.

  1. Exercise releases chemicals that help us deal with stress more effectively and help the body to relax and therefore allowing us to sleep better.
  2. Meditation also calms the whole body by taking out everyday stress and help us to relax so we can attain deep sleep. When we meditate, we can let go of worries and thoughts circulating in our brain. This way the brain activity changes giving our body the signal to be able to fall asleep.
  3. Taking a hot bath or shower will also ease all the muscles of the body, again relaxing us and helping to get a full night’s sleep.
  4. We should avoid caffeinated drinks especially in the later parts of the day. Besides caffeine, also avoiding too much sugar and eating more healthy, natural, organic foods will help detox the body and allow us to be able to sleep more effectively.
  5. Separation of activities is extremely important – such as having separate work areas and only associating the bedroom with sleeping. When we do that, we automatically send our body the signal to start preparing for sleep.
  6. Also having a set time for all activities and therefore retiring to bed at a particular time everyday will create a good habit that tells the body to start the sleep cycle.
  7. This is needless to say – but we must try to remove all background noises from the bedroom, even as little as the clock ticking noise – we are talking about pin drop silence!