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Healthy Lipstick with Beet Powder

Being very health conscious, I have researched a  lot into healthy lipsticks – many lipstick products contain harmful chemicals and as such pose health hazards. I am the type of person who likes being completely natural with the exception of a little lip stain – that is the only makeup I actually use but for me it needs to be organic and healthy. However many of the healthy lipsticks can also be quite expensive – hence I have tried to make my own lipstick at home with beet root powder!

How to make beet powder:

Buy fresh organic beets, wash and peel off skin
Slice the beets very thin
Sprinkle over some salt
Place in 1 layer in a foil in baking tray and set oven to 300F. After 12 mins flip over to the other side for another 12 minutes or so.
Turn off oven and then just let this dehydrate for 8 hours or so. It is beatbox to do this on workdays – just let it dehydrate. They should be dry when you come back home.
Put the dehydrated beet chips in coffee grinder, adjust the cup setting to “max cups” and to “fine grind”. Then turn it on and grind. There should be very fine powder collected against the top and walls. First collect all of these! If anything is left to grind, rerun the grinder. Again collect the finest powder only. Secondly collect rest of the powder by using a very thin sieve in the kitchen. This powder should still be very fine.


Lipstick recipe – with beet powder

0.5 tsp of shea butter
1 little measuring spoon of castor oil or 0.5 tsp
Some drops of grape seed oil
Roughly 1/3  tsp of wax pellets
Add 1/4 tsp of organic mica
Melt in small container over double boiler stirring well for 1-2 minutes
When this is melted, also add 1 tsp of beet powder and mix very very well
Pour smooth mixture into empty lipstick mould
Let cool in a cool dry place for 1 hour to set it