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What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed?

Sometimes nothing seems to be going our way making us feel overwhelmed and anxious and adding to that are all the things we need to do at any given time in our busy lives. We share 5 tips on what to do when feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Stop and take a deep breath – It might seem to be counter-productive because we want to finish all the tasks at hand – but when you feel that much overwhelmed, one of the first things is to stop it all and just take a deep breath to recalibrate! Sometimes that maybe all that you would need to re-think, re-group and re-organize your thoughts and help guide your next actions with smarter planning.
  2. Rest/Take a Power Nap – Sometimes we are just too exhausted to think clearly. That’s when we should rest ourselves so we can think rationally and not make mistakes that could further add to our state of anxiety and stress. When we are rested, our brain is more recharged and we are able to make better cognitive decisions on how to solve various problems.
  3. Make a To-Do-List and Prioritize – When there are several complicated tasks that need to be completed and you are feeling overwhelmed, try writing down exactly what needs to be done. Making a list mentally helps us work through them much more efficiently than when we have the to-do tasks scattered all over in our heads! It will also help to prioritize the tasks by order of relevance and importance – thus helping you to tackle the most important ones first.
  4. Simplify Tasks – If it is possible, think of all the various ways that your tasks can be handled more efficiently. Is there any piece that can be delegated to friends or family? Is there any portion of the task not even necessary to be completed at this time? If so, disregard those and move on to the next steps. Simplifying tasks into manageable portions make us feel less anxious and stressed.
  5. Organize Tasks – If it is applicable, organize your tasks by breaking it into simpler modules – especially when the task involves something repetitive. You can complete each repetitive module more effectively before moving to the next module. Also breaking down tasks into manageable bite-size portions help make it easier to tackle.